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kentaro.komori - 10:03 Thursday 16 November 2023 (27634) Print this report
Search for ETMX resonant frequencies

[Tanaka, TYamamoto, MYamamoto, Komori]

We identified two resonant frequencies for EX during our search:

- 23.6954 kHz (Fig.1)
- 23.9267 kHz (Fig.2)

The first frequency corresponds to the fundamental drumhead mode used to generate the beacon signal.
This frequency differs by 5 Hz and is associated with a temperature change of several degrees compared to the previous measurement (klog:23677).

The second frequency represents an unknown mode.
No mode around this frequency is listed in Kaihotsu-kun's master thesis.
Further discussions will be done to determine the origin of this mode.

An additional point of interest is that, unlike IX, we were unable to identify butterfly modes (Fig. 3).
This might be attributed to the fact that the beam spot at EX is well-centered, preventing cavity sensing of the displacement even when it is excited enough.

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