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CAL (YPcal)
dan.chen - 16:09 Friday 10 November 2023 (27581) Print this report
PCal Conversion Board installation at YPcal

Date: 2023/11/10

With Takahiro Sawada, Takahiro Yamamoto, Shingo Fujii

We made the new PCal Conversion Board at YPcal active. The old handmade one was removed.


  1. Adapted an updated real time model adapted with new pin assignments for BO required for this work.
  2. Turned OFF all YPcal circuits.
  3. Connected all cables on the PCal Conversion Chassis(S2213815) at EYA area.
  4. Installed a Binary IO Converter Chassis(we forgot checking the S number, sorry!) at U35 of EY0. This chassis is needed to use the new PCal Conversion Board.
  5. Turned ON all related circuits, and checked the operation: we checked the YPcal guardian could reach OFS_CLOSED_LOW_P state.

I attached pictures of the old/new PCal Conversion Chassis, and a removed conversion cable at EY0 rack.
(We should avoid such handmade cables...)

Images attached to this report
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Shingo Fujii - 11:38 Tuesday 21 November 2023 (27689) Print this report
Fujii, Sawada

We checked S number of Binary IO Converter Chassis.
Binary IO Converter Chassis S number: S1910322
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