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Ooi.ChingPin - 15:39 Friday 24 February 2017 (2538) Print this report
TRY table delivered to Y-end

[Tsuchiya (JVI), Kaminaga, Fukasaku, Nakagawa, Sawada (Futaba), Ooi, Michimura]


The TRY (EYT) optical table has been delivered to the Y-end.

It is currently placed outside the EYC clean booth at the further end, towards the right when viewed from the Y-end entrance of the Y-arm tunnel (+X,+Y).

Bringing it though the Y-arm tunnel took about 1 hour (via a tractor). The entire process took about 3 hours, inclusive of clean up.

Attached are photos of the work done.

Photo 1: The table passing though the Y-arm tunnel

Photo 2: Bringing the table past the EYC clean booth

Photo 3: Current location of the TRY table


This table will be installed at its designated location in the future after installation of the EYT chamber.

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