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yuta.michimura - 14:14 Thursday 23 February 2017 (2531) Print this report
TRX table delivered to Xend

[Tsuchiya (JVI), Kaminaga, Fukasaku, Nakagawa, Sawada (Futaba), Michimura]

We have delivered the TRX (EXT) optical table to Xend.
It is currently put outside of the EXC clean booth at -X,-Y side.

The table was unloaded at the center parking area, and delivered to Xend using a tractor from the bypass tunnel.
It took 40 minutes to reach Xend from the center area. The whole work took roughly 2.5 hours from unloading to cleaning up.
See attached photos for how it went.
Photo 1: TRX table at the Xarm bypass tunnel
Photo 2: TRX table pulled using a tractor
Photo 3: Current location of TRX table.

This table will be installed to the designed position in March, after installing EXT chamber.

We will deliver TRY (EYT) table tomorrow.

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yuta.michimura - 19:44 Thursday 23 March 2017 (2629) Print this report

[Tsuchiya, Tsubouchi, Sato (JVI), Michimura]

TRX optical table was moved to another temporary place.
It currently sits beside ETX clean booth area at +Y side.
This table will be placed at the designated place after floor painting is done.

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