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VAC (Valves & Pumps)
nobuhiro.kimura - 5:56 Wednesday 01 February 2023 (23775) Print this report
Repair work on Gate Valve joints that developed vacuum leakage


Kimura, M. Takahashi, Yasui and Nakajima (MIRPRO)

We had repair work on Gate Valve joint between SRM and OMMT  that developed vacuum leakage.
Upon disassembling the joint, we found a scratch on the sealing surface of the metal gasket.
(See attached photo.)
After confirming the existence of scratches on the sealing surface of the gate valve and flange,
we cleaned them. A new gasket was then installed and the gate valve joint was fastened.
The gasket used was an elastomeric seal.
The bolts were tightened diagonally and the tightening torque was 20,40 Nm.

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