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DGS (General)
satoru.ikeda - 15:06 Friday 27 January 2023 (23727) Print this report
Boot up k1script0

Since the migration from k1script to k1script1 was completed, we stopped k1script(Debian8).
Instead, k1script0 (Debian10) was copied from k1script1 and newly launched.
In the future, I plan to scripts that do not use Piconet from k1script1 will revert to k1script0.

The differences are as follows
k1script0: NOT connected to Piconet
k1script1: connected to Piconet

After the work, we rewrote the DNS from k1script to k1script0.

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satoru.ikeda - 17:58 Friday 03 February 2023 (23830) Print this report

Maintenance of k1script*

Changed IP address of k1script1's Pico network and connected k1script0 to Pico network.
DGS side is not changed.

k1script0: .250
k1script1: .250->.251


The address of the k1script in the authorized_keys file on the k1hwp* side of the HWP was also changed to reflect this change.

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