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hirose.chiaki - 3:54 Sunday 20 November 2022 (22972) Print this report
Installed ASC of TMSY DCQPDs ->Yarm : It is for initial alignment of measure WFS offset

K.Tanaka C.Hirose

This work was on 17th-18th and 19th-20th.
For measure WFS-offset, we need to set alignment like center of DCQPD on TMSY.
We installed ASC DCQPDs of TMSY to IY and EY for this purpose.

  • First step we did center on DCQPDs after initial alignment.(klog22938)
  • We measured sensing matrix.
    DC QPD1=[0.0334647, -0.0385575, -0.131931, -0.120568]
    DC QPD2=[0.0376037, 0.1278, -0.104595, 0.013737]

  • We set sensor for IY, EY using TMSY DCQPDs.
    The matrix for making the sensor is designed to come to a ratio of 1 to the oprev signal.
  • We made filter on DC3 and DC4 and measured of Open loop transfer fanction.
  • We set about 0.1Hz UGF. When we measure offset of WFS, we turn on this loop in first step.
    After cabity axis of frequency DCside is stable, we do offload IY, EY angle of OPLEV and turn off this loop and turn on oplev DAMP filter.
  • If you used this filter, please turn on/off those VIS channels on ITMY and ETMY. (Those channels is following the picture.)
  • Sensing matrix : /user/Commissioning/data/ASC/TMSY/PLANT/2022117/TMSY_PYcoupling_check_{ITMY,ETMY}_{PIT,YAW}.xml
    Sensor checked : /user/Commissioning/data/ASC/TMSY/PLANT/2022117/{DC3,DC4}_seisng_check_{ITMY,ETMY}_{PIT,YAW}.xml
    PLANT : /user/Commissioning/data/ASC/TMSY/PLANT/2022117/PLANT_{DC3,DC4}_TMSY_{ITMY,ETMY}_{PIT,YAW}.xml
    OLTF : /user/Commissioning/data/ASC/TMSY/OLTF/20221120/OLTF_{DC3,DC4}_{PIT,YAW}.xml
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takaaki.yokozawa - 7:31 Monday 21 November 2022 (22975) Print this report
For the initial alignment, we turned on the ISC2OPLEV path for the IY and EY
tomotada.akutsu - 7:40 Monday 21 November 2022 (22977) Print this report

Or might it be better to firstly move the relevant suspension to the DOWN state?

hirose.chiaki - 8:05 Friday 25 November 2022 (23029) Print this report

The picture describing the process for passing LOOP is when it is done before turning on LOOP. It is not the process after it is used. My English was wrong.
We will also restore it after the measurement is completed.(I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause when inithal alignment.)

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