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DGS (General)
takahiro.yamamoto - 1:32 Friday 18 November 2022 (22953) Print this report
k1ctr4 was stopped for a test of a new workstation
I stopped k1ctr4 for a operation test of the CDS workstation with a new hardware (HP Z2).
A new workstation is now running as k1ctrX with DHCP and it should work well.
You can freely use it and I'm very welcome to your bug reports on a new workstation.

Latest version of diaggui and awggui (3.1.1-1+deb10 or later) don't have a compatibility with current (v3.1.1) DAQ system.
(Excitation channels on 2kHz models cannot be used.)
For this reason, we need to fix the version of diaggui and awggui as slightly older ones.

This means we cannot install latest software as follows now.
> apt-get install cds-workstaion

I checked the combination of packages' version which are compatible each other, and created a list of package and its version.
Now we can prepare a brand new workstation by a following command.
> apt-get install `cat /users/DGS/debian10/apt/packages_newWS.txt`
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satoru.ikeda - 16:58 Friday 25 November 2022 (23039) Print this report

Workstations up to k1ctr0-4 in the control room have been replaced with new PCs.
k1ctr5 has flicker when connected to a monitor, so it will be replaced after the monitor is purchased.

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satoru.ikeda - 14:22 Wednesday 30 November 2022 (23082) Print this report

Replaced k1ctr5 monitor and changed WS to new one.

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