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MIF (General)
masahide.tamaki - 20:05 Thursday 06 October 2022 (22389) Print this report
FPMI was NOT locked after alignment recovery

After alignment work, we tried to lock FPMI, but we couldn't lock because there was no light in the POP PDA1.
This should be checked tomorrow.

► Trasmitted light powers were as below.

  • GRX ~ 1.41
  • IRX ~ 8.5
  • GRY ~ 0.53
  • IRY ~ 38.5
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takafumi.ushiba - 21:20 Thursday 06 October 2022 (22392) Print this report

Strictly speaking, we can lock FPMI with 3F but cannot hadover 3F signals to 1F signal due to the beam lost at POP PDA1, which is used for MICH lock.
Since CARM and DARM signals can be obtained at REFL and AS, in-vac alignment should be fine, so the suspicious point is POP table. 

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