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Terri Pearce - 19:47 Wednesday 05 October 2022 (22362) Print this report
ASC Model POP WFS Update
[Chiaki, Terri]

We will install another DAC card in LSC computer so we have more channels to control the PZT's for the POP WFS. We have updated the ASC model to include the new DAC card and channels and updated the medm screens accordingly. The new buttons can be seen on the attached image.

The OUTMTRX_P/Y are currently different. We updated the medm for OUTMTRX_P by copying from the automatically generated screen and have 2 green buttons. OUTMTRX_Y medm was updated by copying grey boxes (zero value) and changing the channel names. Once we install the card and restart the model we will see which way works.

We still need to update the medm for OUTMTRX_P/Y on the ASC overview screen.
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hirose.chiaki - 12:54 Thursday 06 October 2022 (22377) Print this report

Thanks for the advice, Kenta-san and Ikeda-san.

These matrices (ASC_CUST_OUTTMTRX_{P,Y}.adl) consist of green and gray boxes to identify the parameters to set by color.
I fixed matrix(ASC_CUST_OUTMTRX_{P,Y}.adl).

How to detail is following, (Don’t forget to save in each step.)
1. On the same MEDM screen, copied an existing box, pasted it where I wanted it placed on the screen.
2. Changed the box name and connection channel name in emacs.
(Checked the height of the box, replaced to the name I want to replace with the M-% command, and final checked with the C-s command.)
This time, I needed to edit a similar MEDM screen, so I did the following.
3. Opened these matrices (ASC_CUST_OUTTMTRX_{P,Y}.adl) from the same MEDM menu page.
4. Copied the boxes from the edited MEDM screen and paste them into the other MEDM screen.
5. Changed box name and connection channel name in emacs.
(Replaced the words with "M-x replace-string" command.
This time I copied and pasted from page Y (ASC_CUST_OUTTMTRX_Y.adl) to page P (ASC_CUST_OUTTMTRX_P.adl) in four steps, so I replaced the part; "_Y_" to "_P_", which is the difference. )

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Terri Pearce - 17:18 Thursday 06 October 2022 (22384) Print this report
on K1ASC0 computer* (not LSC)
hirose.chiaki - 21:45 Thursday 06 October 2022 (22391) Print this report

[Terri Chiaki]

We updated MEDM screen(ASC_OVEWVIEW.adl) to support POP_PZT for DC centering.
detail : 

  • In the actuator corners, we created "POP_PZT{1,2}" filter bank in both PIT and YAW directions.
    (The ON/OFF button should also work.)
  • We added 2 line of matrix in both PIT and YAW directions. 
    For this reason, the matrix of basic was created on this file.(./opt/rtcds/userapps/release/isc/common/medm/fmX/ASCMTRX{P,Y}_Kissel.adl)
    We set the address to the matrix using emacs so that pressing this button would display the screen we wanted.
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