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hirotaka.yuzurihara - 21:55 Thursday 14 July 2022 (21494) Print this report
Pastavi update : Changed HourTrend => 12 Hour Trend and Fixed bug on Minute Trend

I fixed two issues which Tamaki-kun pointed out.

  • I fixed the HourTrendTimeSeries function to work well. Previously, same data was read repeatedly.
    • I also reduced the sampling rate of this plot as to be one sample per half day (=12 hours). To make plot of ~4 month data, it takes 1.5 min.
    • I attach the example figure.
  • When we use the minutes trend data, we can’t output the text data due to the bug. I fixed this issue.
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hirotaka.yuzurihara - 17:12 Thursday 04 August 2022 (21695) Print this report
  • I added new plot option for Day Trend Plot which samples the data with once per day. 
    • computational time for one monthe data is less than 10 seconds.
  • I fixed the sample rate for Hour Trend Plot to sample the data with once per hour.
    • Computational time for one week data is 22 seconds.
  • I also perform the crosscheck between ndscope and Pastavi. The result was OK. (See the attached figure [1] [2].)
  • Pastavi can output the hour or day trend data as text data. So,users can make another plot with such text data.
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