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AOS (Baffles & Beam dumps)
tomotada.akutsu - 12:15 Friday 03 June 2022 (21009) Print this report
Invac high-power beam dump setting: Day 3

Yano, N. Sato, Akutsu; to follow 20963.


  • Checked the connection of the thermometers on the high power beam dumps to the cryocon; Satou-san might be report later.
  • Installed the Perlier unit onto the Cu flange (Figs. 1 and 2), and connected it with the driver and the power supply, and roughly comfirmed it work. They are all turned off now for safety.


  • Not yet fully completed; we'd like to installed an additional thermometer on the top surface of the optical bench in the IFI chamber, and the design will be done in the next week.
  • We need to discuss within KAGRA how to manage this system. It does not need to keep being turned on unless the invac high-power beam dump would be illuminated by the reflection beam from PRM, especially in high power. It equips a didicated thermometer, and a PID controller, but the discussion point here would be what should be the objective value of the controlled temperature; and maybe also some paramters for the PID.
  • The Peltier unit has a mechanical heat sink and a fan; the fan might be a noise source when it would run, but reminding that this beam dump will be illuminated only PRM would be (intentionally) mis-aligned, meaning the interfeometer would not be in operation with the highest sensitivity, so we may not need to care much such things.
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naohisa.satou - 13:26 Friday 03 June 2022 (21010) Print this report

About wiring for HPBD temperature sensors.

[ Log on 2022.6.1 ]

* Two conversion cables were made and installed to connect the temperature sensor to CRYOCON. These cables will be connected to the signal input terminal of CRYOCON.
* Cable outside the chamber, electrically disconnected from pin 5 of the Dsub cable and the cable shield.

[ Log on 2022.6.3 ]
* We found that there was no need to change the wiring in the chamber, so no changes were made to the wiring in the chamber.
* We connected the cable from the feedthrough to CRYOCON and verified that the temperature is displayed on CRYOCON.
* The correspondence between the display channel of CRYOCON and the installation location of the thermometer is as follows.

[Ch.A] Near the SiC mirror
[Ch.B] Midway point of the heat exhaust structure
[Ch.C] On the optical surface plate (currently not installed)

 Wiring details will be uploaded in JGW-D2214102.

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