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takashi.uchiyama - 16:55 Tuesday 24 May 2022 (20851) Print this report
Pumping down of EY

Pumping down of EY started at 9:45 by the root pump at between EYA and EYC.
The vacuum pressure reached 0.1 atm about 3PM and one additional root pump was started pumping.

Changes of vacuum pressure are followings.
9:45 1atm, Pumping down started
10:45 0.71 atm
11:45 0.51 atm
13:45 0.23 atm
15:00 0.11 atm, One additional root pump at EYA was started pumping
15:15 0.09 atm

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hiromi.yasui - 18:02 Tuesday 24 May 2022 (20856) Print this report

During the evacuation, I monitored and offloaded the IP_L,T,Y.

The total amount of steps I adjusted is as follows.

IP_L: -33000 steps

IP_T: -30000 steps

IP_Y: +1600 steps

It appears that channel K1:VAC-PRESSURE_Y_EYA was irregularly failing to get data.


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