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hirotaka.yuzurihara - 22:46 Monday 25 April 2022 (20574) Print this report
Took photos of ITMY and ETMY with the metal scale by Tcam

[Ushiba, Tamaki, Yokozawa, Yuzurihara]

To investigate the relationship between pixel and length(mm) in Tcam image, we took the photo with the metal scael by Tcam.

The metal scale was set by Ushiba-san with help of Tamaki-san.

10:26~10:27 : we took ITMY photo with the metal scale.

13:35~14:02 we took ETMY photo without the metal scale.

14:14~14:20 we took ETMY photo with the metal scale, by changing the configuration of photo.


The detailed computation of the conversion coefficient between the pixel and length will be done soon.

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