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DetChar (General)
hirotaka.yuzurihara - 18:28 Thursday 03 February 2022 (19671) Print this report
Success to receive MDC alert via igwn-alert
Comments to this report:
hirotaka.yuzurihara - 21:56 Friday 11 February 2022 (19768) Print this report

I edited the code (igwn_alert_listener) to save the contents of received alerts as json file. The code is /users/yuzu/work/DQR/igwn-alert/share/trigger/igwn_alert_listener_k1det1 .

The saved json files are located in /users/yuzu/work/DQR/igwn-alert/share/trigger/ . Note that this location is temporal.

This job is running now on k1det1, to test the long-term stability.


Next step : 

(1) We will develp the code to launch the DQR tasks (prepare the DAG file by TaskManager and submit the job on condor).

(2) We receive the multiple alerts for same one event within short time. When we launch the DQR, we should care that point, to avoid the duplication.

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