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VIS (General)
takafumi.ushiba - 19:43 Wednesday 08 December 2021 (19133) Print this report
Automesurement: ITMX and ETMX

Automesurement of suspension plant is running for ITMX and ETMX tonight.
So, please do not touch these suspension until tomorrow morning.

REFNUMs are 0010 and 0007 for ITMX and ETMX, respectively.

Comments to this report:
takafumi.ushiba - 0:03 Thursday 09 December 2021 (19134) Print this report

I updated the references of the EUL template to the ones just before finalization and ran the automeasurement again.
REFNUMs are 0011 and 0008 for ITMX and ETMX respectively.

In this time, I didn't run the each coil excitation template to save the time.

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