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PEM (Center)
takaaki.yokozawa - 11:22 Wednesday 27 October 2021 (18706) Print this report
Increased the temperature at parking area inside the mine (?)
This is just the notification.

This morning, I felt very hot (higher temperature) at the parking area inside the mine.
I checked the temperature monitor which is placed at the zenshitsu(between parking area and experiment area)
From this monitor, the temperature increased 1 deg yesterday noon.
But from the information of the Hayakawa-san and Miyoki-san, they didn't do special work which affect them.
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shinji.miyoki - 12:25 Wednesday 27 October 2021 (18708) Print this report

This enhancement is correlated with the temp change in the corner station machine room where Rishabh kun set several instruments that generate heat!

As you know, this room and the front area of IXYV are connected with each other thtough the spiral staircase hole, and a strong fan is set to flow the air from the top of this spiral staircase to the front room in the first floor.

So, I guess his activity is the source. But anyway, I hope it will be harmless, and it is not related to some troubles that generate heat.

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