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PEM (Center)
takaaki.yokozawa - 13:32 Friday 01 October 2021 (18416) Print this report
Set the PT100 thermometer to PSL room
I installed the PT100 and ondotories to PSL room.

1. Set the PT100 with jig to the place which we discussed in yesterday morning(9/30)
2. Check the IR beam path by sensor card
3. Set ondotori on the wall (They are not on the optical table)

PT01 : Near the laser
PT02 : Near the periscope around the output duct
PT03 : Near the pedestal for the green fiber
PT04 : Near the PMC
PT05 : Near the electrical rack

This position is temporary, especially new laser will be placed near the PT05.

The temperature when I left the PSL room (11:05) was followings;
PT01 : 23.0 deg
PT02 : 23.1 deg
PT03 : 23.0 deg
PT04 : 21.6 deg (Something lower?)
PT05 : 22.8 deg

AIR01 : 23.3 deg (44.5 %)
AIR02 : 23.1 deg (45.0 %)
AIR03 : 23.4 deg (44.9 %)
AIR04 : 23.4 deg (44.5 %)
AIR05 : 23.5 deg (44.7 %)
PSL BOOTH : 23.4 deg (42.4%)
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takahiro.yamamoto - 20:19 Friday 01 October 2021 (18422) Print this report
Isn't this method of fixing the logger body too dangerous?

Because there is no claws for fixing between the part where the cable tie is attached and the logger itself, the logger body may fall by own weight.
So I wonder it's better to avoid this fixing method near the optical bench.
shinji.miyoki - 12:38 Monday 04 October 2021 (18432) Print this report

Where should I check to know the relation between (AIR01~05) and their position photo in "psl210924.pdf" which Yokozawa-kun delivered us?

takaaki.yokozawa - 13:03 Monday 04 October 2021 (18433) Print this report
I added the information to google spread sheet.
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takaaki.yokozawa - 8:42 Tuesday 05 October 2021 (18447) Print this report
Current 1.5 days drift of temperature inside the PSL room.
Very stable within 0.1 deg.
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shinji.miyoki - 9:42 Wednesday 06 October 2021 (18450) Print this report

[Miyoki, Izumi]


Although we could not decide the absolute values for temps, the only PT04 itself seems to show lower temperature than the other.


We checked the temp for PT01-05 aluminum blocks by using the radiation type thermometer within 2 minutes for all positions.

  1. Just after entering the room around 10:17 ("displayed temp")
    • PT01:23.5 (Laser)
    • PT02:23.9 (Periscope for IMC injection)
    • PT03:24.1 (Pole for GR fibers)
    • PT04:24.2 (Near PMC)
    • PT05:24.0 (Near Electronics Rack)
    • Heater on the PMC (Near PT04): 25.2 -> This means that this radiation type thermometer can distinguish ~25 and ~24 between near positions.
    • Several points on the floor around the optical table: 21.8 ~ 21.9
  2. About 10 minutes after the first trial  ("displayed temp")
    • PT01:22.4
    • PT02:22.8
    • PT03:22.8
    • PT04:22.8
    • PT05:22.7
    • Heater on the PMC: 25.1
    • Thermometer body for the precision cooler: 22.9
    • Temp number on the precision cooler: ??
  3. I doubted the temp became changing because of the precision cooler's feedback that was triggered by our activities.
  4. Around 10:40  ("displayed temp")
    • Thermometer body for the precision cooler: 23.8
    • Temp number on the precision cooler: 23.8
  5. We got out of the PSL room around 10:45

Anyway, the radiation type thermometer did not show 1 degree less temp for PT04 than PT02,03,05.

PT01 seems to show less value than PT02,03,05 by ~0.5. The black cover that houses PT01 affects the temp for PT01??


takaaki.yokozawa - 19:03 Thursday 17 March 2022 (20129) Print this report
I removed them because we already operated the PT100+cryocon system at PSL room.
We will discuss the new position of PT100+ondotory system.
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