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DGS (General)
takahiro.yamamoto - 16:37 Friday 24 September 2021 (18342) Print this report
weekly maintenance
[Nakagaki, Funahashi, Oshino, YamaT]

All RTFEs were rebooted once.
Remaining SDF diffs are as follows.
- ETMY_PAY: Fig.1, Fig.2
- ETMY_TWR: Fig.3
- ITMX_TWR: Fig.4
- ITMY_PAY: Fig.5
- ITMY_TWR: Fig.6
These diffs are also saved as ushiba.snap

Disk replacement of k1boot
HDD for NFS region (/opt) was replaced because of disk errors.
Current /opt is the copy of one around 10:30 today.

RTFEs must be rebooted when k1boot was rebooted.
real-time models seem to run fine.
But too many error messages are shown in dmesg as shown in Fig.7.
These errors cannot be solved by restarting real-time models.

For Workstations, DAQ, and other servers such as k1script, remount NFS region is enough as recovery works.

Power strip installation at OMC1 rack
Power strips were replaced as a new version.
DC-24V is not delivered to the OMC area yet. So local power supply still remains yet for RF Amplifier chassis.
And also OMC0 and OMC1 are connected as daisy chain because there is only one port at the breaker box.
DC100V power supply for HV PZT chassis is put on the floor. It should be mounted in the rack.
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Comments to this report:
takahiro.yamamoto - 17:28 Friday 24 September 2021 (18348) Print this report
A nds process (not a daqd process) must be also restarted.
shoichi.oshino - 17:36 Friday 24 September 2021 (18349) Print this report
During this maintenance, we found that k1iy1 cannot be rebooted.
We noticed that LED of DGS network port was not blinking.
We doubted break of LAN cable because this cable had strong tension.
After we exchange LAN cable, the booting process was starting.
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