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CAL (XPcal)
dan.chen - 13:34 Friday 24 September 2021 (18341) Print this report
Miscellaneous works for XPcal

Date: 2021/9/24

Members: Dan Chen, Darkhan Tuyenbayev

  • Checked S number of AA/AI circuit for OMC PDs.
  • Checked YPcal Tx temperature sensor connection and taped it as a first aid.
  • Attached an ASI camera on the telescope instead of the Nicon camera. (We still are waiting a parts we ordered)
  • Took out the 2 pipes between EYA chamber and Tx/Rx module to coat a black coating
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darkhan.tuyenbayev - 16:12 Friday 24 September 2021 (18343) Print this report

Current OMC anti-aliasing chassis has the following SNs:

  • SN037
  • S1808447
dan.chen - 7:16 Monday 27 September 2021 (18352) Print this report

Black coated pipes.

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