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mark.barton - 18:04 Tuesday 07 June 2016 (1818) Print this report
Flag Gluing Check, Partial Redo
With Hirata-san, Tatsumi-san.

I checked the results of the flag gluing from yesterday (#1815).

* The disks in the IM flag bases and IM flag tips were all securely glued and straight. I applied a 10x10 mm magnet to each disk to check that it didn't come out.

* The magnets in the stub flags were securely glued.

* Two of the tipped flags were OK, but in the other two, the magnet were at an angle (see attached picture).

Because we needed them for tomorrow, I asked Hirata-san and he kindly put the two misglued flags in acetone in the ultrasonic cleaner. After about 20 minutes the glue was soft enough that the magnets could be dislodged with the point of a screwdriver. We removed the magnets and put the flags back in the ultrasonic cleaner twice more, first to further soften any remaining glue, and then in clean acetone.

Tatsumi-san then helped me reglue the flags. This time we put the flags tip-down in holes in balls of crumpled aluminum foil to dry, so hopefully they will dry straight this time.

Photos of this and other BS Test Hang stuff are at .
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