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mark.barton - 13:03 Monday 06 June 2016 (1815) Print this report
BS Flag Gluing at Mitaka
With Tatsumi-san.

We checked that 3x2 mm magnets fit neatly into both the tipped flags (D1605087-1) and stub flags (D1605087-2).

We checked that the stub flags fit neatly into the holder parts for the gluing jig.

We checked that a 10x10 magnet plus disk (D1605088-2) fits into the recesses on both ends of the IM flag base (D1605088-1) and into the recess on the IM flag tip (D1605088-3). As was anticipated, the remachined flag base parts had a dimple in the center of the recess at the wide end left over from machining, but because the disks had a central hole, there was no rocking when the disk was in place. It looks like the design will work nicely.

We mixed EP30-2 glue without beads: 5 g of A plus 0.5 g of B.

We glued stud flags and tipped flags - two North and two South of each. (We plan to use the tipped flags in the hanging test, but it was easiest to do both types at once.)

For the tipped flags, a length of Cu wire was used to put a bead of glue on both the mating surface inside the flag and the end face of the magnet. The magnet was then inserted down the hole and pushed into place with the wire.

We glued disks into the recesses of the IM flag parts. Tatsumi-san was very careful with the glue but it was usually necessary to scoop out excess glue from the central hole in the disk using the Cu wire, and wipe the disk carefully.

We will rewrap the parts tomorrow ready for taking to Kashiwa on Wed 6/8.
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