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DetChar (General)
hirotaka.yuzurihara - 18:04 Thursday 02 September 2021 (18112) Print this report
Update of summary page : Added ITMX signals for glitch pipeline

As posted in k-log 17974, many glithces are observed in ITMX.

To investigate the cause, I added the ITMX signals in the glitch pipeline (Omicron) ~9AM JST and prepared the summary page for them. (see the attached figure)

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shinji.miyoki - 22:13 Thursday 02 September 2021 (18118) Print this report

Although glich shapes are not so similar with each other, I remebered that some amount of air-tech FFUs operation in IYC (beseide KOACHs) caused some glitch noises as klog15127 .

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