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PEM (Center)
tatsuki.washimi - 11:37 Monday 23 August 2021 (17980) Print this report
IXV electrical noise investigation


To investigate the source of IXV glitch noise correlated to the room temperature (, we installed 4 rolled cables to

Unfortunately, the temporal channels for PEM were removed from the real-time model.
So far we use IOP channels.
The noisy time was just before this work.

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takaaki.yokozawa - 9:45 Sunday 29 August 2021 (18063) Print this report
IXV instruments(cooler, rack, electrical boxes) may be independent from IX photosensor glitch...
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takafumi.ushiba - 1:00 Monday 30 August 2021 (18065) Print this report

Thank you for checking.

As reported in the klog17876 and related post, the photosensor sometimes becomes noisy and it seems to occur periorodically.
Important point of this phenometa is that it is not a glitch but a noise which continues for a while, which seems to happen every 3 hours.
So, we need to check more longer period to confirm whether the noise invrease has a crrelation with IXV cryocoolers and so on.

Also, I would like to confirm that installed cables are enough sensitive to see any events occured at IXV (I cannot find this kind of information in the original post).
Do you have any data of new PEM channels when cryocoolers and so on are turning ON? 

The sorce of photosensor glitch might be the trouble of photosensor itself, which I reported on the klog18057.

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