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yoshinori.fujii - 21:09 Tuesday 24 May 2016 (1798) Print this report
Force TFs, Spectra of PR3 are measured.


TF measurement
* Some force transfer functions of the current PR3 SAS are measured without controls. According to the results and previous simulation, most of the resonance modes, which are expected to be measured, are obtained.(1st photo: img9292) The missing modes are 1) TM transversal mode, 2) ones at higher frequencies than ~ 20 Hz.(About the TM transversal mode, it seems to be seen at RIM, but I'm not sure.)
** At this stage, other DoF coupling at TM is not small. Actuator matrix tuning(diagonalization) can be needed.
** Simpler TFs are to be uploaded. also more detailed mode analysis are to be done.

Spectra measurement
After setting the air shield of the PR3 OpLev(see here), GAS, IM-OSEM, TM-OSEM, TM-OpLev are measured. 
* It is done 1) without controls(dashed lines), 2) with GAS-DC, IM-damping controls(solid lines).(see 1st pdf)
* The TM-OpLev peak structure are consistent to TM-OSEM one. (2nd photo: screenshot)

TM damping filter is added.  
For my convenience to meaure the Q value, I add simple damping filter for LTM, PTM, YTM OSEMs: zpk([0], [10,10],1), gain 100.

Q measurement with, without controls

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ayaka.shoda - 2:04 Thursday 26 May 2016 (1803) Print this report

Thank you Fujii-kun!

Can you also do the diagonalization if you have time?

yoshinori.fujii - 22:34 Thursday 26 May 2016 (1805) Print this report

Tomorrow, I will try to do that.
* About the Q measurement, only without control one would be done by tomorrow.

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