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yoichi.aso - 23:05 Friday 16 April 2021 (16498) Print this report
Type-C simulation model

I created a Jupyter Notebook to calculate the theoretical TFs of Type-C suspensions based on Arai-san's Mathematica code for TAMA suspensions.

The PDF version of the Notebook is attached.

Unlike most Jupyter NBs, it uses Wolfram Language, not Python. Wolfram Language is the language of Mathematica. Although Mathematica is expensive, you can download the core engine of Mathematica for free.

You also need to install a support package to make the Wolfram Engine available as a kernel for Jupyter.

With the above combination, you can run most of Mathematica code on Jupyter (for free !!).

A step-by-step procedure on the installation can be found here (Japanese web page):


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