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fabian.arellano - 16:42 Monday 12 April 2021 (16445) Print this report
Buoyancy effect in PR suspensions.

I checked the values of the buoyancy effect in PR suspensions.


  • The buoyancy effect in PR2 seems very large. The LVDT calibration factors should be checked.
  • In PRM the buoyancy effect in the SF also looks very large.
  • In PR3 the temperature did not remain constant during the venting, but increased by 0.3 °C. This means that the reported displacement values underestimate the real buoyancy effect.
  • In PRM it seems the thermometer wasn't working when the venting began, so we don't know what the initial temperature was.


PR2 suspension

PR2 GAS Filter Initial (µm) Final (µm) Buoyancy effect (µm)
SF -1029 4297 5326
BF -37 1696 1733
Temperature 23.8 °C 23.8 °C  


PR3 suspension

PR3 GAS Filter Initial (µm) Final (µm) Buoyancy effect (µm)
SF -635 -50 585
BF 3620 4069 449
Temperature 23.5 °C 23.8 °C  


PRM suspension

PRM GAS Filter Initial (µm) Final (µm) Buoyancy effect (µm)
SF 4219 6153 1934
BF 1192 1500 308
Temperature unknown 23.9 °C  
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