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ryutaro.takahashi - 23:06 Thursday 01 April 2021 (16378) Print this report
F0 tuning

[Takahashi, Sato + Ushiba]

  1. Cryo-payliad was released. The keystone of BF went down by several mm. Some ballast masses were removed from the PF.
  2. Checked each height of filters. BF height: 74/75/76mm, LVDT BF/F3/F2/F1/F0: -3100/11300/-14200/9000/-15150, FR height: 75mm.
  3. Calibrated the F0 LVDT (see plot).
  4. Decommpressed the blades from 12mm to 10mm.
  5. The F0 was still overloaded.
  6. Attached the additional FR with the load capacity of 7kg.
  7. Replaced the FR blades to F3 type + old BF type x2.
  8. The overload was settled. The height of keystone was -4mm without any additional loads.
  9. Compressed the blades to 12mm again.
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ryutaro.takahashi - 17:53 Friday 02 April 2021 (16382) Print this report

[Takahashi, Sato]

  1. Revised the plot for calibration of LVDT. Some counts were wrong.
  2. Compressed the blades to 14mm.
  3. Measured the load dependance of the keystone height. The base weight was ICF203 flange + 2630g.
  4. Measured the range of FR.
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