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kouseki.miyo - 18:38 Thursday 18 March 2021 (16286) Print this report
Comment to Investigation of IMC suspensions (16157)

Takahashi, Miyo

Although we tried to insert a washer between a spacer hitting on edge of the screw to expand the length of the screw, we could not because we could not fix the slider for yaw rotation before inserting the washer for safety. We conculed that we need to make some jig to fix the slider. Takahashi-san will prepare it.
After this work the length got shoter because we had to move the screw by hand to roughly center the oplev light on its QPD.

Additionaly, we checked the length of the screws for other picomotor in MCI and MCO. The length is enough to move except the MCO Yaw.
Photos taken today are here:

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