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tomotada.akutsu - 14:18 Friday 26 February 2021 (16102) Print this report
Detaching one K400 flange each off MCF and MCE

Yano, Miyoki, Akutsu


Detached one K400 flange each off MCF and MCE as well as expensive ICF152 viewport windows (plus inexpensive ICF70 ones from MCF) that were on these flanges to mitigate risk of glasses break.


The background of this activity is to see the back of each mirror (MCi, MCo, or MCe) and check the coil-magnet centering. For example, as far as I checked at MCe, 3 out of 4 coil-magnets were fine, and the remaining 1 coil-magnet might need re-centering but I may be able to leave it as is. Let professionals to see it later!

Fig. 1 shows the situation around MCF before our work. To make the work space wider, we started with peeling off the aluminum tube, then fixed the blue and white tubes to the ceiling with a cable tie. Fig. 2 shows the situation just before detaching the viewport windows here. As you can see, there are one ICF152 expensive window and two ICF70 inexpensive ones, and we detached them and protect the flange structures with white tapes (Fig. 3). Then the K400 flange was detached, and also we protected its flange structure by white tapes, and placed in the MCF clean booth.

Then we moved to MCE. Fig. 4 shows the situation of the flange before our work. Then, we detach the expensive ICF152 viewport window and protected the flange structure (Fig. 5), and detached the K400 flange (Fig. 6) which was placed in the MCE clean booth.


  1. The detached expensive ICF 152 viewports are now stocked in the desiccator in the side of the IMC tube (Fig. 7).
  2. The detached inexpensive ICF70 ones are now stocked on the metal rack in teh MCF clean booth.
  3. The screws to fix the viewport windows are pack by aluminum foils and put on the metal rack in each clean booth.
  4. once I thought the ICF70 ones on MCF might not be used the next time, but I am changing my mind; maybe they might be useful during the commissioning...??
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shinji.miyoki - 17:46 Friday 26 February 2021 (16105) Print this report

IMC-REFL Windows Flange Seal status before removing.

MCi view from the IMC-REFL Windows Flange.

MCo View from the space btw MCF and GVmcf.

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