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kouseki.miyo - 17:32 Wednesday 03 February 2021 (15906) Print this report
Comment to Setup of F3 (15891)

GAS-LVDT noise of F3 is higher than that of BF by twice.

The sensor noise is measured when the keysotne was fixed at the nominal position as we had done for BF in klog#15803.
Dtt file for the measurement of F3 is here: /kagra/Dropbox/Measurements/VIS/LVDT/GAS_LVDTs/2021/0203/GAS_LVDTs_1121.xml.

I compare the noises of F3 and BF in an attached figure. Red and black lines show the noises of F3 and BF, respectivly. Solid and dashed lines show the LVDT sensor noise and ADC noise.
Blue line is given by eyeball fit with the measured ADC noises. As you see, the sensor noise of the F3 (red solid line) is higher than that of BF (black solid line) by about twice.

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