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fabian.arellano - 16:47 Monday 01 February 2021 (15875) Print this report
Comment to Gluing the mirror wire. (15844)

With Takahashi-san and Hirata-san

See pictures in album PR3 Remedying Work.

The two portions of the adhesive we prepared on Friday cured well, as usual. However, the one we used on Wednesday for gluing the wire didn't. We unfolded the tray where I prepared the failed mix and it seems the component with low viscosity may have gone in between folded sheets of foil and did not mix well. See a picture of the unfolded tray here

It was considered that cleaning the uncured adhesive was difficult, so we just prepared  a fresh portion of adhesive in a plastic tray and applied it above the places where we applied in on Wednesday. See this diagram.

Tomorrow we will release the payload.

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