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VIS (General)
kouseki.miyo - 18:41 Sunday 31 January 2021 (15871) Print this report
ISOLATED state is available with only LVDTs not blended sensors.

Because Ushiba-san will use the SR3 suspension for his work in this week, I made guardian for new RT model of SR3.
I confirmed that the DC control with LVDTfor IP was closed by requesting the guardian to ISOLATED state because I did not checked that inertial sensors for that are available or not.
Now we can use SAFE and ISOLATED state for SR3 suspension. SRM is also the same situation.
After the confirmation, I accept following changes as you can see in attached files.

Please note that the other states (e.g. DAMPED, ALIGNED) did not checked if it works because of no OpLev of SR3.

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