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fabian.arellano - 13:34 Thursday 28 January 2021 (15852) Print this report
Comment to Gluing the mirror wire. (15844)

This is the same report with more information.

With Takahashi-san and Hirata-san

See pictures in album PR3 Remedying Work.

We succesfully applied glue to the wires holding the PR3 mirror. We followed the procedure JGW-T2011878. We left the payload locked and the RM partially disassembled. Once the adhesive is cured we will assemble it again and release the payload.

  • We set up an oplev with a laser level and a ruler, and we measured the position of the beam reflected by the back of the mirrror. See pictures in the album. As written in this notebook page, such a position is 8.1 cm. In the same page it is reported that the distance from the ruler to the back side of the back ring of the RM is 169 cm measured with a tape measure. The distance from the back of the back ring to the mirror surface is 23 mm. Therefore the distance from the ruler to the mirror is approximately 171.3 cm
  • We locked the IRM, IM, RM to the security structure (in this order).
  • We locked the mirror to the RM.
  • We locked the the RM to the IM using one of the vertical bars. We used only one out of two because a cable was on the way of the fastening screw used for the second one. See this picture.
  • We removed the screws holding the FRONT ring (I wrote back ring in the original report but that was wrong). They were not tightened strongly and they were easy to remove. Using one locking bar was fine.
  • We prepared the adhesive EP-30 without the beads according to JGW-E1605505.
  • With a small stainless steel spoon, Hirata-san applied the adhesive to the wires in four places, two for each wire. We selected positions in which the friction beween the mirror and the wires was expected to be low. See this diagram.
  • See photos in the album. For convenience I attach a few of them here.
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