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naohisa.satou - 17:40 Wednesday 20 January 2021 (15800) Print this report
Connection between BF and F3
2021.1.20 Sato, Horiuchi

* The magnet yoke of F3 was attached.
* Put the F3 on the plate of the earthquake stop while passing the wire through the F3.
* Raise the F3 to the height of 70mm from the plate of the earthquake stop and put tension on the wire.
* Final state
BF height 70mm (seated on the push screw)
F3 height 70mm (seated on the push screw)
Height of F3 keystone 68mm (fixed)
* The BF was not lifted, but was left in place for cabling afterwards.

Preparation for cable laying
* I started tagging the cables.
* The short plug was attached to the connector plate on the side of the BF.

Preparation for BF transfer function measurement
* The BF keystone was set free in preparation for the measurement. The measurement of the transfer function will be done by Miyo-san at night.

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