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fabian.arellano - 21:53 Tuesday 12 January 2021 (15729) Print this report
Stepper motors limt switches and IP actuator polarity.

With Hirata-san, Washimi-san, Ikeda-san.

See pictures in the album BS Remedying work after O3.

  • In F0 we connected the F0 yaw stepper motor to a cable going to one of the flages (see this picture and others in the album). We improvised a clamping point with an M6 screw functioning as a pole (picture to be added to the album).
  • Then we used a 5 m D-sub 9 in-air cable to connect it to channel 3 of the stepper motor driver used for the IP horizontal fishing rods. Ikeda-san updated the software with this new information.
  • We tested the F0 vertical and F0 yaw limit switches by pressing them with our fingers and checked the signal in the medm screen. They worked well.
  • We checked the IP actuator polarities.:
    • Before the test we changed factor of -1 to +1 in the gain for the H2 actuator. See this picture of the medm screen.
    • In H2 and H3 a positive number of counts of actuation produced a displacement of the IP towards +YAW, as desired, whereas in H1 moved towards -YAW.
    • In H1, Hirata-san exchaged pins 3 and 8 and this yielded the correct polarity.
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