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VIS (General)
satoru.ikeda - 18:21 Friday 11 December 2020 (15641) Print this report
Support for common model files: Installation on Type-A (ETMX, ETMY, ITMX) and Type-B (SRM, SR2)

SF of TypeBp was added to TOWER_MASTER for the commonization of models.
In accordance with this, we have reinstalled Type-A (ETMX, ETMY, ITMX) and Type-B (SRM, SR2), which are already supported by TOWER_MASTER, to check the effect.
The model files for ITMY and SR3 are still in their original state and will be installed at a later date.

PRM, PR2, and PR3 were also installed using TOWER_MASTER to make them common.
The TEST{1,2,3,4}_in from [ADC0](adc_0_28,29,30,31) that was connected in the model files of PR2 and PR3 was deleted because it is considered unused.

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kouseki.miyo - 8:20 Friday 05 February 2021 (15938) Print this report

Both RTMs of SR3 had already been update to use the master models in common/models/PAYLOAD_MASTER.mdl and TOWER_MASTER.mdl, as of today.

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