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VIS (General)
kouseki.miyo - 18:01 Wednesday 02 December 2020 (15578) Print this report
Type-C guardians were prepared

Ikeda, Miyo

We (mainly Ikeda-san) made the guardians for Type-C suspensions.

Now, we can align the all Type-C suspensions by using guardian.

After the Type-C guardian development, we confirmed with Nakano-san that IMC was locked after three suspensions for IMC were aligned by Ikeda-san's guardian.

During this work, some differences were accepted in SDF. Ikeda-san will post about it tomorrow.

Comments to this report:
satoru.ikeda - 10:03 Thursday 03 December 2020 (15586) Print this report
We have REVERTED the following differences in the SDF of the following optics.
Also changed the tType-C K1:VIS-(optic)_TM_OPTICALIGN_Y{P}_GAIN to 3.0.
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kouseki.miyo - 9:51 Monday 21 December 2020 (15666) Print this report

This version was saved a tag named "0.1.0" because we checked that Type-C suspensions could be operate by guardian.

The next version 0.2.0 is labeled after we will check the TypeB or Bp suspensions. In bothe cases, the version will go up 0.3.0.

To acheieve the next version, first, we split the Type-Bp model like Type-B and A as posted in klog#15632. This version was saved as a brance named "0.1.1"

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