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fabian.arellano - 15:58 Thursday 29 October 2020 (15353) Print this report
Bottom filter inspection for adding ballast masses.

Today Mirapro opened the hatches giving access to the top of the Bottom Filter. Then I did a first inspection of the BF:

  •  I idenfitided two exactly opposing places where to put the ballast masses. See the pictures. At the +Y side the place already hosts ballast masses whereas the one at the -Y side is free. The reflection of the free hole is seen on an inspoection mirror.
  • I confirmed the security structure locking screws for the BF are accesible. See the pictures.


  • Because the hole at the -Y side is free, we also need to take into account the mass of the screw.
  • At the +Y side the existing ballast is held with a very long screw, which will likely need to replace by a longer one. We need to assess its length and the mass of the replacement. It's BUMAX/SDC M6. 
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fabian.arellano - 16:49 Wednesday 11 November 2020 (15435) Print this report

With Washimi-san.

We inspected the +Y side of the bottom filter through the hatch above the main one. The aim was measuring the height of a stack of masses and decide the length of SDC screws to buy for additiinal ballast masses. The height was approximately 30 mm.

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