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MIF (General)
seiji.kawamura - 0:51 Wednesday 13 April 2016 (1509) Print this report
Various problems
[Hasegawa, Kuwahara, Wakamatsu, Kawamura]
1. When the PMC was unlocked, it could not be automatically locked. We had to request "down", and then "locked" in order to relock the PMC.
2. The situation was the same for the IMC.
3. The PMC-REFL showed zero.
4. When the PMC was unlocked, the state indicated "1", instead of "0".
5. When the PMC was unlocked, the "iKAGRA operating" indicator showed "ON".
6. The EY oplev drift servo did not seem working properly; we could not change the oplev value by changing the offset.
7. The IMC was very unstable for half an hour or so and then became stable.
8. The MICH feedback voltage was very noisy.

In order to improve the MICH contrast we maximized the light intensity at the MICH REFL port from each arm. However we could not improve the contrast very well.
Comments to this report:
keiko.kokeyama - 12:04 Wednesday 13 April 2016 (1517) Print this report
As I reported as an independent post, Problem 1, 2 and 5 were because of a bad MICH guardian.

For 4, the lock state only counts how many locks (of PMC, IMC and MICH. So minimum 0 and max 3) they can find. Because MICH was bad and not counted as DOWN at that time, it has showed 1 instead of 0. With fixed MICH guardian, it should be working properly.
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