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kenta.tanaka - 21:49 Tuesday 18 August 2020 (14914) Print this report
ETMY IM V3 not working

Miyo, Kenta

Today I found V3 coil on ETMY IM stage is not working. 

I set DC offset (10000 cnts) in K1:VIS-ETMY_IM_V3_OFFSET but TM PIT oplev value is not changed even though V3 coil output value is changed. When you do the same thing with V1, the oplev signal moves about 3 urad. I wanted to see the output from the coil driver, but unfortunately I couldn't because the output didn't connect digital system. 

So, I and Miyo-san go to Y-end to connect the output to the digital system and investigate more.

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kenta.tanaka - 16:47 Wednesday 19 August 2020 (14916) Print this report

Miyo, Kenta

What we did

We connected the cable that was originally connected to see the output of the TM coil driver to the IM and checked whether the signal go out of the coil driver. The output was coming from the coil driver(fig 1) . So it turns out that the problem is more downstream(satelite box? coil itself?) than the coil driver. 

Anyway, This is not urgent task now because IM can be moved with only V1 coil. we postponed more investgation. we found the another adaptor for conecting to the VMON. I put back the cable that was in TM coil driver and the other one in IM coil driver.

To do

  • replace the cables conected to the satelight box
  • measure the resistance of IM V3 coil 
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