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kouseki.miyo - 20:25 Monday 27 July 2020 (14809) Print this report
Noise budget of the new accelerometer

I made a noise budget of the new accelerometer which is installed in last Wednedday (klog#14794).

  • Red : accelerometer signal taken today
  • Black (solid) : Trillium 120Q which is installed in IXV. X axis of this seismometer is aligned to axis of the accelerometer.
  • Black (dash) : ADC noise when 1-6 pins for the LVDT signal are shorted.
  • Cian : LVDT noise when LVDT_IN connecter for LVDT board was pulled out. [Case2]
  • Mazenda : Proof mass was fixed. ADC and LVDT_IN were connected. [Case1]
  • Working space is here : /users/VIS/AccTest/ProtoType/200727

Accelerometer siganl is consistent with a seismometer in IXV between 0.1Hz to 2Hz.
Above and below this region, LVDT noise limits the accelerometer signal.

  • We found the LVDT noise in low frequency would come from the LVDT board because the Case1 was larger than the Case2. And it depends on the time.
  • We had better to insert a pre-amp not to covered by ADC noise and to investigate the low-frequency LVDT noise.

I think purpose of this measurement is to conclude whether the new accelerometer has better sensitiviy than Geophone or not.
Then, I will install Geophone near the accelerometer in this week to compare the perforrmance.

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