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VIS (General)
kouseki.miyo - 14:56 Monday 08 June 2020 (14485) Print this report
New MEDM screen to monitor the saturation of all coil-output

I made a new MEDM screen to monitor the saturation of the coil output, "VIS_COILOUT_ALERT.adl". There was a VIS_MON made by Terrence so far klog#9298, but this new MEDM screen is more simple.

Please use it when you check if the coiloutput is going to be saturation.

How to open the screen

  • VIS_COILOUT_ALERT is at "sitemap/VIS_COIL_OUT".
  • Please refer to the attached image.

How to read the screen

  • If the coil-out signal exceeds 30% of the maximum count value of the DAC's output, text of the signal value is colored by yellow,
  • If the signal exceeds 70% of the maximum count, the text is colored by red.
  • That's all.

How to set the threshold (don't do anything if you don't have to)

  • The file to change the threshold is "$userapps/vis/common/script/".
  • In this file, you can set the HIHI, LOW, etc. for all applicable VIS coil-out signals.
  • If you don't know the channels, please google it before you edit this python script.
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