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ChiefMeeting (General)
shinji.miyoki - 9:33 Saturday 09 May 2020 (14364) Print this report
May 11th


1. Budget

  1. Total amount executed in FY2019 :
  2. Tentative list of FY2020 budget
    • further cost-cut in your sub-system is welcome.
    • amount recovery, if very necessary, is to be noticed to SEO. (


2. Schedule of After Observation

  • CAL tasks have been done until 27th April.
  • Suspension Mode from April 27th to May 31st
    • KAGRA was in  "Suspended Mode".
    • UT decided to keep level 3 until May 31st. While faculty members in the Kamioka area will discuss what should we do.
    • In this mode, we keep IFO just in "DOWN state" in the LSC_GUARDIAN to be able to quickly recover the IFO to PRFPMI. Most important thing is to keep arm GR resonances in both arms by daily shift members.
    • Because of so many earthquakes, especially around Kamikochi area, we decided to concentrate in keeping IFO healthy and safe. So almost no remote works are prohibitted.
    • Some members are now making a program to change Type-A state automatically to damping mode according to the amount of shaking due to earthquakes.
    • The shift schedule is in here

3. JRPC related

  • No JRPC meeting for the last rwo weeks.


4. Meetings (KSC)

  • The KAGRA telecon, May 27 (Wed) & 28 (Thur), 2020.
  • The 25th KAGRA Face-to-Face meetingat U. Toyama, August 20-22, 2020.
  • The LVK collaboration meeting at Cardiff, UK, September 14-17, 2020 (JPS meeting has same schedule)
  • The 26th KAGRA Face-to-Face meetingat NCU, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, Dec. 17-18, 2020.
  • The 7th KAGRA International Workshop in NCU, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, Dec. 18-20, 2020
  • The LVK collaboration meeting,Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA, March 22-26 ??, 2021
  • The 8th KAGRA International Workshop, in Daejeon, Korea, sometime, 2021
  • The 9th KAGRA International Workshop, in Beijing, China, sometime, 2021
  • Other related GW meetings are listed in



1. Postponed tasks scheduled in April / May

  • Claen booth cleaning, etc for preparation for O4 updrade managed by Kimura-san.
  • Clanes, pulling cars ragular check by Hayakawa-kun.
  • Post-observation tasks.

2.  Remote work Again ?

  •  Remote work will be allowed, judging from much less earthquakes around Kamiokochi.
  • Remote work scheduling will be held on Tuesday by Miyakawa-kun.


3. Post Observation task Plan and scheduling (Miyakawa) 

  • Proposed plans
  • We should prioratize them and make a schedule.
  • This plan might be affected by LV decision about O3c


4. Paper Management (KSC: Shinkai, Miyoki, Akutsu)

  • A plan is summarized in here and updated today. The author and/or manager were almost fixed. 


5. Schedule for O4 and any catch up plan ?

  • More several plans are proposed.
    • Offline known line noise subtraction. (PEM / DAS / DGS / DMG / CAL)
    • Scattered light around IOO (AOS)
      • IMMT2 suspension frame modification to keep a clear beam path of transmitting IR and oplev (AOS, VIS). No document about layout. 
    • BS, PRs, and ETMXY surface monitors (VAC, AOS)
    • Electrical Ground (FCL / PEM).
    • TMS P/Y coupling (AOS or CRY). Firstky, we should identify its reason.
    • Highpower laser pre-preparation (IOO + Haino-san). 
    • Just after post-observation tasks, DGS update will be done. (DGS)


[ Past Chief Meeting Page ] will be closed because of very poor security and no more maintenacne. Other machine will be discussed as servers.

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