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fabian.arellano - 18:31 Wednesday 01 April 2020 (13935) Print this report
Offloading OPTIC ALIGN onto IM picomotorsin the payload.

The payload OPTIC ALIGN has been offloaded onto picomotors, it is not necessary to use OPTIC ALIGN to bring the oplev into usable range anymore.

In PAY_LOCALDAMPED I moved the IM as follows:

  • Pitch: 922 urad → 586 urad
  • Yaw: 421 urad →218 urad

Some details of the process were:

  • Pitch: I did the process using 200 steps at the time; REV reduces pitch; time: around 08:55:00 UTC.
  • Yaw: I did the process using 50 steps at the time; FWD reduces yaw; time: around 09:04:30 UTC.
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