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fabian.arellano - 17:05 Wednesday 01 April 2020 (13930) Print this report
Offloading GAS filters coil-magnet actuation onto fishing rods.

Before offloading the situation was as follows:

  • The F0 GAS actuation was above 10,000 counts.
  • The F1 GAS actuation was -9,400 counts. Not too high yet but I decided to offload it given the opportunity. 

Note that according to the VIS Fishing Rod wiki page. F0 and F1 don't have any known problems.

After offloading:

  • F0 GAS actuation became around 600 counts. (I moved the keystone about 150 um or so.)
  • F1 GAS actuation became around -3300 counts. (I moved the keystone about 500 um or so.)

The pictures show the amount of steps accumulated. SR2_GAS channel 2 is F0 and SR2 channel 1 is F1.

The F0 and F1 fishing rods seem to be working fine. BF fishing rod was not used today.

Today the SR2 thermometer readout was 23.6 °C.

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