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fabian.arellano - 15:58 Wednesday 01 April 2020 (13928) Print this report
Offloading of IP actuation onto horizontal fishing rods.

I offloaded the coil-magnet actuation on the horizontal fishing rods because H2 and H3 actuation were high.

The amount of actuation before offloading was, approximately and respectively:

  • H1, H2, H3: -1900, -15400, 14300 cnt,
  • L,T and Y: -2669, 5534, 2894 cnt.

The set point in L, T and Y is 300 um, 0 um, -4091 urad.

The IP position in SAFE mode (K1:GRD-VIS_SR3_STATE_N=-11) in L, T and Y is -280 um, 1380 um and -4010 urad. In Longitudinal and Transverse the IP is far away from the set point.

After offloading the amount of actuation in IP_CONTROL_ENGAGED state is, approximately and respectively,

  • H1, H2, H3: 5050, -7200, -190 cnt,
  • L,T and Y: -3147, 724, 1511 cnt.

The IP position in SAFE mode (K1:GRD-VIS_SR3_STATE_N=-11) in L, T and Y is -111 um, 197 um and -4029 urad.

Additional information:

  • The picture shows the amount of steps used for the IP stepper motors.
  • The SR3 current thermometer reading: 23.1 ºC.
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