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masayuki.nakano - 1:02 Monday 30 March 2020 (13891) Print this report
Terrible IFO situation

What the hell????

I waste hours since the SR2 was not in the aligned state. 


Actually, when I came here today, the IFO was totally misaligned and the only xarm was aligned.
I know that daytime workers (especially Yokozawa-san) worked hard, and tried to recover the IFO, but even though, the situation is terrible. For instance, you can bring all suspension back when the IFO was locked by looking at the oplev signal. I did it and almost the IFO alignment got back.

It's the manner you learn from a kindergarten that you have to recover the tools after you used, and if you don't know how to recover it, never use it

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masayuki.nakano - 3:34 Monday 30 March 2020 (13893) Print this report


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masayuki.nakano - 3:39 Monday 30 March 2020 (13894) Print this report

[Yokozawa, Nakano]

Yokozawa-san told me that the SR2 good alignment was edge of the oplev due to the jump happend in daytime, and that was the reason why the SR2 was in PAY_DAMPED state.

I tried to find that information in klog but no information.

Hey hey hey, what's going on guys?

We centered the SR2 oplev. Then I found that the OL yaw loop got crazy. I adjusted the servo gain.

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