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VIS (General)
lucia.trozzo - 13:11 Tuesday 03 March 2020 (13294) Print this report
0.2 Res gain at IP stage

Yoshinori, Lucia

Today we added the filter  "resgain(0.2,2,20)" saved and loaded as "resG0.2" to the all type A IPs filter bank.

Let's try it in the noisy days and see what happens.

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lucia.trozzo - 18:07 Thursday 05 March 2020 (13357) Print this report

I profited of the bad wheather to test the performance of the resG.

In the attachet plots the results are shown:

-around 0.2 Hz the in loop sensors IP_DAMP_L/T shows some improvement (respect to the references spectra)

-sensors like BF_L/T and TM_OPLEV,with or without resgain at the IP stage, doesn't change to much.

After the test, I tried to lock the IFO several time, but the lock acquisition fails because of the saturation of FB mass actuation: I guess the TMs are still moving a lot because of the large amount of microseismic noise and just by adding a resG this issue can not be solved.

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