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PEM (Center)
takaaki.yokozawa - 8:27 Wednesday 25 December 2019 (12297) Print this report
Summary of the FCL test with FPMI

Miyoki, Furuta, Kimura, Hayakawa, Takahashi, Tamori, Mori, Yoshimura, TTanaka, Washimi, Ushiba, Yamada, Yokozawa

Summary of the FCL test with FPMI

Measurement1 : Stopped the EXV, EYV, IXV, and IYV FFU    11:28:12(~5min)

Measurement2 : Stopped the EXC, EYC, IXC and IYC FFU   12:03:48(~5min)

Measurement3 : Hummering the EXC cryoduct arm side    12:09:00(~2min)

Measurement4 : Hummering the EYC cryoduct arm side    12:11:00(~2min)

Measurement5 : Stopped the EXA, EYA, IXA and IYA FFU    12:21:09(~5min)

Measurement6 : Hummering the IYC cryoduct arm side    12:47:39(~2min)

Measurement7 : Hummering the IYC cryoduct bs side    12:51:37(~2min)

Measurement8 : Hummering the IXC cryoduct bs side    12:54:28(~2min)

Measurement9 : Hummering the IXC cryoduct arm side    12:57:17(~2min)

Measurement10 : Stopped the all FFUs at CS area  14:02:25 - 14:48:00 (~45min)

Measurement11 : Stopped the all turbo and dry pumps at CS area 15:30 - 17:00 (1.5hour)

As Washimi-san reported, there is no large effect in the FPMI sensitivity

As Ushiba-san reported, there is small excess at 20Hz when we hummered the EYC beamduct

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